First Aid for Cool Kids

The children were taught some basic first aid that included how to dial '000' in an emergency (plus the 'send' button afterwards for mobile phones) and how to put a person into the recovery position.  Laughter and excitement could be heard with practicing bandaging on each other.

Pavers decorated by the kids

A big thanks to kinder mum Tara for helping the children decorate the front entrance pavers (and to Louise for the idea).  The children love seeking out their art and showing it to others. 


How much fun is a bicarb soda and vinegar volcano .... well Woodlands Kindergarten took this to a whole new level and made gigantic sand-pit ones!  

Bush kinder tree planting with Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria invited Woodlands Kindergarten along to help plant some native plants in the Ocean Grove Reserve during a bush kinder day.  The children learnt how to plant the trees and discussed how planting them helps protect the future of the reserve.   


Yoga can strengthen the muscles, aid co-ordination and energise the body along with aiding to relax and calm the mind.  Yoga is beneficial for children because it is non-competitive and can help to raise self-esteem and self awareness.  It can also provide many giggles!

Reconciliation Week

Talia from the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative came to speak to the children about Aboriginal culture.  They learnt about a lot of things including what the colours on the Aboriginal flag mean, bush tucker, using animal fur to make clothes, making and trying out body paints and some traditional Aboriginal dancing.  During Reconciliation week making damper and Aboriginal themed craft were strong favourites.  

Sustainability Learning

The children learn about sustainability by collecting fruit scraps to feed the kindergarten worm farm and chickens.  Along with 'fun worm facts' they learn of the benefits of composting and how good the worm castings are in the gardens.  The sustainability learnings also include water tank usage, recycling and re-using as well as encouraging 'nude food' kinder snacks.

sustainability 1.jpeg
sustainability 2.jpeg
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